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وظائف شركة فلاي دبي Fly Dubai بتاريخ 30/04/2016

وظائف شركة فلاي دبي Fly Dubai بتاريخ 30/04/2016

وظائف ,اعلان ,فلاي دبي ,تطلب اطقم ضيافه في مصر ,تطلب طاقم ضيافه جويه في القاهره 

 وظائف شركة فلاى دبى تطلب ضيافه جوية 2016

شرح طريقة التقديم 

- يجب عمل اكونت شخصي اولا على موقع الشركه ثم اونلاين ابليكيشن للتقديم
- الشركه لا تقبل المحجبات 
- السن 21 سنه 
مكان الانترفيو يتحدد عن طريق الشركه في الاونلاين
في حاله النجاح ترسل الشركه لك دعوه خاصه فيها كافه تفاصيل الانترفيو و الاقامه و العمل في دبي .

Cabin Crew (Cairo, Egypt)
🔍 Dubai, DU, United Arab Emirates
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The Cabin Crew Member is responsible to the Senior Cabin Crew Member, working as part of the cabin crew team, taking individual responsibility for the cabin operation and the associated customer experience. The Cabin Crew Member is also responsible for the safe and consistent delivery of a quality onboard service in accordance with company and regulatory policies and procedures. 


Key Activities 

1. Responsible for safety and standards throughout the cabin. 

2. Responsible for maintaining their cabin crew license. 

3. Ensure compliance with company policy/procedures in accordance with the requirements specified in the CSPM. 

4. Maintain consistently high onboard standards. 

5. Ensure sales targets are met/exceeded. 

6. Show willingness to take and accept responsibility for crew/customers. 

7. Take the initiative to address difficult issues. 

8. Contribute to the cabin crews delivery of on time performance. 

9. Contribute to cabin crews delivery of customer service. 

10. Strive to maintain operational excellence and efficiency. 

11. Responsible for cash taken during the flight. 



Minimum Qualification 

• High school diploma 


• International aviation experience is an advantage 

• 1 year experience in customer service or sales 

Knowledge / Skills 

• Able to deal with passengers professionally in a customer facing and sales role 

Additional Requirements 

• Fluent in written and spoken English 

• Basic numeracy skills 

• A valid passport allowing you to travel freely 

• Motivated, reliable, hardworking 

• Passionate, friendly & fun! 

• Excellent team player with the ability to communicate with many nationalities 

• Proud to wear the uniform & wear it well 

• No visible tattoos or body piercing which cannot be covered discreetly 

• Minimum height 158cms without shoes 


• Customer Focus 

• Team work 

• Effective Communication 

• Personal Accountability & Commitment to achieve 

• Resilience and Flexibility (Can do attitude) 


While performing the duties of this job, the Cabin Crew will be operating in the aircraft cabin environment for extended periods of time. They are required to have a company ID and it is a requirement to have a good knowledge of the hazards the airside environment presents. He/she will also be operating the aircraft in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius and as high as 50 degree Celsius and will be required to fly at anytime during a 24 hour period subject to GCAA flight time limitations. There are multiple hazards when operating aircraft and the employee will be required to take all steps necessary to mitigate those hazards as far as possible. The employee may be required to operate in environments and countries designated at war zones 

Shift Basis 

شركه رويال جيت الاماراتيه
تطلب طاقم ضيافه جويه بنات فقط Cabin Crew Female Only
خبره لا تقل عن 5 سنوات في 
VIP Class 
او خبره في الضيافه لا تقل عن سنتين في
First Class 
الدرجه الاولى
الشركه لا تقبل المحجبات 
مقر العمل في أبوظبي

للتقديم : اضغط هنا

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وظائف شركة فلاي دبي Fly Dubai بتاريخ 30/04/2016


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