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اعلان وظائف شركة اتصالات مصر تطلب مؤهلات عليا من الجنسين والتقديم الكترونى 2019

اعلان وظائف شركة اتصالات مصر تطلب مؤهلات عليا من الجنسين والتقديم الكترونى 2019
أعلنت شركة "اتصالات مصر"، عبر موقعها الإلكتروني عن حاجتها لشغل عدد من الوظائف الشاغرة، وجاءت الوظائف على النحو التالي:

1) Enterprise Change Operations Senior Engineer

وتتمثل شروط الوظائف في الآتي:
- بكالوريوس في الكمبيوتر أو هندسة الاتصالات.
- خبرة من 3 - 4 سنوات في مجال صناعة الاتصالات السلكية واللاسلكية.

Job Details:

Executing Planning teams plan to migrate the customers in order to enhance our service quality and network availability
Calculating and Reporting Enterprise Operations teams KPIs
Reporting Down Time for customers to help commercial teams in customers’ waiving calculations
Analyzing Customers’ tickets to report our problem handling performance in order to enhance our performance
Participating Network Projects to enhance network KPIs
Working with all stakeholders to put relevant policies & processes to maintain network standardization
Developing tools and databases that enhance network inventory and auditing area
Receiving from Finance team a monthly sheet with violated interfaces reported from the network
Checking reported interfaces on the network to make sure that the sent report is correct
Resolving violated interfaces issues
Reporting to Finance team with task results for further follow up
Clearing any violations as per the decision taken
Arranging with Finance and technical teams for unresolved issues and  agree on a solution to avoid the reoccurrence of such violations
SPOC in technical team for Revenue governance and auditing track.
Checking Special Customer’s CRs SLAs and make sure that any implemented CR meets the contracted SLA
Arranging CRs from all technical teams to meet special SLAs
Arranging with CRs owners and assign a new MW if any customer refused the CR notification for special business reasons
Tracking and Reporting on network activities based on internal or external requests
Participating in any special project or task force that targets to enhance network standards  and matches CRM database
Supporting any technical or commercial team for gathering customers’ technical data

Essential Qualifications:

B. Sc. in computer or Communications Engineering
Good Knowledge in Network elements (Cisco, Huawei , Juniper)
Good Knowledge in networking, routing a, switching and WAN Technologies
CCNA is a must
MPLS and MBGP is a must
SQL & Python Programming

Desirable Qualifications:

Strong Documentation skills
ITI is desirable
Good presentation skills

Essential Experience:

At  least 3-4 years relevant experience in the telecommunication industry
Hands-on network cisco and huwaie devices administration is a must
SQL Administartion and reporting is a must

Desirable Experience:

1 year experience with making tools using python or java
1 or 2 years experience in SQL programing

التقديم من هنـــــــــــــا


2) IT Service Management Senior Analyst 1

وتتمثل شروط الوظائف في الآتي:
- خبرة لا تقل عن 5 سنوات في إدارة خدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات.
- الحصول على درجة البكالوريوس في هندسة الكمبيوتر.

Job Details
Deliver value added solution that focus on IT Service Management, Business Technology Optimization based on ITIL best practices.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Analyzing the business requirements for “Customers” internal users and provide technical solutions.
2. Improving and enhancing the ITSM processes
3. Plan, Execute and test the required configuration and development on BSM, Asset Manager to fulfill business requirements with minimal supervision.
4. Ensure better requirements assessment and solution design process efficiency.
5. Works closely with demand team to understand and prioritize business requirements to build high quality and robust controls.
6. Ensure that projects are properly planned, coordinated and documented and communicated to support and concerned teams.
7. Maintain quality and ensure that projects are progressed and completed within appropriate time scales.
8. Maintain and ensure the stability and accuracy of system output and verify that system scenarios are being handled properly.
9. Document issues, changes and make sure they are communicated to the concerned parties, Also follow up the issues till fully resolved.
10. Support business with accurate analytic and solutions.
11. Provide support and the handover documents to the Support and TIM teams.
12. Conduct technical research on platform upgrades to determine feasibility, cost, time required, and compatibility with current systems.

Qualifications Essential

5+ years IT Service Management and HP BTO
Candidates should have proven experience as well as a solid understanding of HP Asset Manager and BSM platforms development/configuration
Solid understanding on CMS and configuration management tools
Solid understanding on ConnectIt
Qualifications Desirable

 Strong communication and writing skills.
 Ability to communicate directly with peers, managers, and clients while leading development to a completed and successful solution.
 Strong organization skills to manage multiple timelines and complete tasks quickly within the constraints of clients' timelines and budgets.
 Familiar with Java, and Shell scripting.
 Experience with SQL and Oracle databases.
 Computer engineer is a plus.
 Ability to grow professionally in a highly flexible and fast-moving environment.
Experience Essential

High level experience in ITSM process integrations that included full assessments, architecture, design, planning and implementation
 High level experience in HP BTO
Strong experience in HP BSM and Asset Management platform development/configuration
 Strong experience in ITSM processes automation and integrations across all ITIL processes
 Strong experience in transforming business requirements into technical requirements across multiple platforms
 Strong analytical skills
 Very good presentation skills, communication and cooperation with different teams & Customers.
  Documentation skills, Training and knowledge transferring skills.
Experience Desirable

ITIL Expert
Experience Essential

 ITIL, eTOM , ISO 9001, ISO 20000

التقديم من هنـــــــــــــا


3) Network Operations Front Office Engineer

وتتمثل شروط الوظائف في الآتي:
- درجة البكالوريوس في علوم الكمبيوتر.

Job Details

24/7/365 Network real-time monitoring for all Etisalat ISP Network Alarms, Events and Faults and take the proper action with concerned teams.
Interfacing with Telecommunication Carriers to solve Transmission Link failures and Power failures to resolve service issues.
Interfacing with Upstream Providers to solve International Link Failures to resolve service issues.
Establish L1 support Function that deals and attempts to remedy Trouble Tickets on Etisalat ISP Network that have been appeared
Escalating Cases that need involvement of Back Office level and follow-up on the progress.
Follow and respect all Pre-defined times (as monitoring response, investigation, resolution) relevant to each Fault Management functions and sub-functions as per process KPIs
Directs coordination efforts with Back Office, Field Maintenance, Customer Service and other teams regarding network concerns.
Implement End-to-End Network TT management function (starting from problem appearance till final service restoration)
Keeping all stakeholders notified of any experienced Network Failure
Follow Trouble Ticket flow to ensure resolution within SLA.
Act as single point of contact for Network Operations Center and it is the gateway for all Network Trouble Tickets.
Create Network Incidents and execute 1st level troubleshooting either to restore the problem or forward to next level.
Provide incident management service support for all network global outages & take proper actions to handle, resolve and dispatch smoothly to the next level supporting functions.
Interface with customer Support layers for notifying, receiving, updating & resolving enterprise incidents.
Escalate repetitive network tickets to Problem Management function for further handling.
Ensure all network tickets are being managed within SLA and follow appropriate escalation paths
Supporting escalations during critical outages.
Maintain a knowledgebase of troubleshooting and problem resolution steps in addition to technical documentation of processes and procedures throughout normal operations.
Control the change process end to end.
Update the network information on configurations.
Generate regularly reports about change.
Change Implementation for some Network Related Activities like ((BW Upgrade, Traffic Transfer...)
Add Required Configuration to new RFS DSLAMs/Cards after Acceptance Phase
Add Transmission links Configuration during installation Phase.
Create ADSL Service Traffic Path through Core Network for new RFS sites
Communicate new network elements with relevant NMS.
Assigning filed maintenance resource and handles the fault then takes the proper actions to resolve through interfacing direct with the onsite resource or dispatch smoothly to the next level supporting functions.
Interfacing with Concerned Team regarding TE related issues like access Site Permissions after Working hours.
Monitor the Network Equipment’s performance and the traffic utilization using special tools to be updated with the network status for prompt actions when needed.
Performance reporting and performance report administration.
Provide Major tools used by performance monitoring functions
Creating Network KPIs Reports (Loss-Delay-jitter- ..) and share with Operation , Planning and Quality teams for further capacity decision.
Update Etisalat ISP Monitoring Tools & NMSs by New RFS Devices & Transmission Links following for that the agreed naming convention.
Update Etisalat ISP Missing links & VLAN Graphs on CACTI Graphing Tool
Review & Cleanup Etisalat ISP NMSs (Alarms -Unused Configuration - Unused devices & Links)
Record Transmission Data to Network Database
Keeping daily Configuration Backups of equipment
Essential Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in communications or computer science.
Must be well spoken, outgoing, organized, detailed orientated, dependable and flexible
Passion for teamwork, continuing education and problem solving
Advanced troubleshooting and problem solving abilities.
Desirable Qualifications

Explains the process, implications and rationale for change to those affected by it.
Works to meet individual and company goals with positive regard, acknowledgment of, and cooperation with the achievement of others’ goals.
Certified CCNP
Is open to ideas
Essential Experience

Solid background in Networking – Certified CCNA
ITIL background.
Desirable Experience

Good experience with reputable vendors working in this industry
Good experience in Ethernet over SDH Technology.

التقديم من هنـــــــــــــا


4) Principal Engineer, TX Capacity Planning

وتتمثل شروط الوظائف في الآتي:
- شهادة جامعية في هندسة الاتصالات.
- خبرة لا تقل عن 3 سنوات في مجال شبكات ISP.
- إجادة اللغة الإنجليزية (تحدثًا وكتابة).
- إجادة مهارات الحاسب الآلي.

 Planning ISP Transmission High capacity links networks to have a reliable, expandable and stable Transmission by applying effective solutions, mid and long term plans using the best in class technologies with reduced OPEX to align with the company Business plan and strategy.
ISP Fixed Nodes Planning to have a reliable, expandable and stable Transmission Network by applying effective solutions, with effective cost to support Etisalat network growth.


ISP Fixed Nodes planning
Plan and design the port usage over all OSNs to have 75% Port usage
Integrate new /OSN/PTN 910/Metro 1000 nodes according to deployment Dash board 
Update the maintain the low level OSN database
Handling any TE L.L Follow up / Testing with TE and IPD team
Deliver TX L.Ls within agreed SLA and maintain customer satisfaction
Deliver TX Enterprise solution within agreed SLA and maintain customer satisfaction.
Expansions Plans needed on ISP SDH Nodes
Issuing and updating the regular reports of the ISP transmission network briefing the main issues for the different projects, the achievements and the concerns as well as Network Database update in order to keep upper management updated by raising flag for any issue that may disturb the running projects to meet their deadlines.

TX Nodes/ links Utilization
Handling Utilization reports for SDH ports/link/nodes
% Affected subs due to PoP congestion is not exceeding 4% per month
Ensure TX links Utilization per direction is not exceeding 90%
Ensure TX links Utilization per direction is not below 50%
Ensure TX Nodes Utilizations are within the KPI's
Ensure DSLAM - Metro/PTN B2B Utilization is not exceeding 75%
Ensure OSN - Router B2B Utilization is not exceeding 75%
Monthly Monitoring report about the VCT Network status and utilization
Ownership for Update and maintain the different  Access ports capacity {ADSL, SHDSL, Ethernet (Optical & Electrical) and ATM interfaces (STM-1, E3and E1s) for Cascading legacy ATM DSLAMs or new customers.
Monitor ADSL ports Utilization {KPI: % of pending  ADSL subs due to port unavailability from sales}
Monitor Rate of ADSL installation & termination.
Ensure that there no closed Pops will affect sells.
Follow up with NDEP, TER & ADSL team.
Dismantle ADSL POPs/ports
Ensure that there are available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
Review SHDSL card’s chipset distribution to avoid wasting ports and affect utilization.
Ethernet (Optical & Electrical)
Ensure that there are available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
Ensure that there are available ports for TE Data or any other interconnection.
ATM interfaces (STM-1, E3and E1s).
Cascading legacy ATM DSLAMs locally at the CO.
Ensure that there is available ports for enterprise customer’s expansion.
ISP Transmission Capacity Database
Update and maintain the different  TX Capacity database with the latest network change
ISP Fixed Nodes
ISP Leased Lines
Monitor warehouse utilization
Define warehouse items.
Warehouse items classification
Used Items.
Good but not used {zero transaction}
Scraped items
Decide action for not used items
Updating DB to monitor ISP network utilization and classify bit stream effect for saving sites resources.
Totally shutdown POPs due to Bit Stream Effect
Partially shut down POPs due to Bit Stream Effect
Redistribution action after MSAN affect
Low utilization & Zero ADSL sites.
ISP Special projects
Study all sites need to be upgraded to higher level from E1s to E3 and from E3 to STM-1 with same or better OPEX TX Service creation plan for different projects
Handle Congestion tickets within agreed SLA
Provide needed L.L connectivity for all Planned Expansions/Enterprise customers within approved budget.
Providing TX solutions for B2B customer’s offers and participating in tenders and customer visits.
Monthly HW /SW Action Tracking
Monthly Integration dashboard Tacking and reporting
WIFI Expansion
Handle Wifi sites expansion requirements.
Handle Wifi sites termination process.
Monthly Wifi invoice review



University Degree in Communications Engineering
Minimum 3 years’ Experience within ISP Networks Field
Strong in Transmission planning techniques, Knowledge of Transmission theories, Experience with different fixed & wireless transmission equipment.
Effective Communication & Negotiation skills
Ability to deal with difficult people at work
Ability to work under pressure
Fiber / Microwave Transmission Networks & Mobile Networks Overview
Computer skills are a must, especially MS Excel.
Excellent in Arabic & English (Reading, Writing & Oral).

Familiar with Fiber / Mobile Network Topologies



Fiber / Microwave Transmission Network Planning
SDH Transmission planning
Fiber Optics Fundamentals
Risk Management

DWDM system Planning

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